Dirty Grl Dollars: 

This project critiques contemporary packaging, consumerism, and exchange; reflecting the impacts of living in a network society. While using soap as an alternative form of packaging this "pop-up shop" (Debuting at Parsons May 19th) is selling a trading card game viewing social media as a "me-centered" competition for attention. The trading cards are collected and battled based on the amount of attention the identity on each card holds. The only way to play the game is by paying for a pack of cards with your own attention (likes and follows) online. The game can be played IRL or virtually by posting photos of each card to Instagram.

This game is a representation of a self-marketing system explaining how individuals act as the product and the consumer. This project is an attempt to blur the lines between an online reality and material reality, and recognize the impacts and power structures man-made social mediated systems have on individuals and society.



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